Sector Strategies IT Training Program

IT programs include:

  • Python
    No not the snake, learn about one of the most useful scripting and programming languages in use today. Python is used by all types of companies, from YouTube to NASA. This course will explore and introduce you to the world of programming, including number types, strings, if statement logic, functions, lists, tuples, dictionaries and even and introduction to object-oriented programming concepts.

  • Java
    Java has become ubiquitous, and runs on over 3 Billion devices. This course will expose you to the language, including types, strings, Lambda Expressions, functional programming, methods, objects, inheritance, recursion, polymorphism and the object-oriented programming paradigm.

  • SQL: Introduction to Database Administration
    The language of databases. This course will introduce the learner to the SQL programming language, including tables, views, inserting data, primary keys, secondary keys, and data modification. The course will cover creating table unions, intersections, and searching queries. Data normalization and preparation of database design is also touched on.

  • iOS
    Development of iOS Apps for the Apple App Store. Learn how to program using Swift, and to design functional apps in the XCode Development Suite. Students will be exposed to scenes, views, accommodation of various devices sizes and features. Students will be able to design an application using these principles.

  • Linux
    Learn about the most widely adopted open source Operating System that is run on many corporate servers and server environments, to submarines and cloud computing environments. Students will be exposed to a few Linux distributions, and learn command line techniques of the Operating System. Students will learn how to manage shared Linux library, file systems and permissions, boot processes, application process management.

  • CCNA
    The Cisco Certified Network Associate certificate will open the doors to a networking career. Learn about the most widely adopted networking equipment that is used by almost all of the large companies for their network infrastructure. Students will be exposed to subnetting, router and switch configurations, as well as network security. With such knowledge, you will be able to install, set-up, configure, and troubleshoot networks.


Services under this special grant program are eligibility-based. Therefore, all interested applicants must meet and be able to document general and funding-specific eligibility criteria in order to be considered for enrollment.

All eligible applicants must be 18 years of age or older, and meet U.S. citizenship or permanent resident requirements. Additional eligibility requirements apply, please contact us for more information.


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