Specialty Programs

CareerSource Pinellas is your provider offering a wide range of specialty programs within Pinellas County.

Welfare Transition Program (WTP)
WTP helps parents move from welfare to work.

New CareerSource Pinellas user:

  • If you have never used the CareerSource Pinellas website, then you will first need to create a CareerSource user account. To do so, click on the REGISTER link in the upper right hand corner of the webpage to be directed to the Sign In/Registration page. Please ensure to provide an email address as the website in interactive.
  • Please retain as when you return your last name (userID) and 9-digit Social Security Number (Password) will be your login credentials to your CareerSource Customer Dashboard.
  • Once you complete your user account set up, you will be taken to CareerSource Customer Dashboard page. You will begin by selecting the WTP link under the Online Enrollment section to the Welfare Transition Program on the right hand side of the page.

Returning CareerSource Pinellas user:

  • If you are a returning customer and have previously used CareerSource Pinellas services, please CLICK on the LOGIN link in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Remember your login credentials are your last name and 9-digit social security number.
  • Please follow the instructions provided on the Customer Dashboard page.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

​CareerSource Pinellas would like to notify you of an update to the WIOA application status.  At this time, CareerSource Pinellas is only accepting application for the following:

  • WIOA Out-Of-School Youth funding is accepting application.
  • WIOA Licensure funding is accepting application.

WIOA is a “work first program" whose goal is to assist customers to enter or return to employment. To review eligibility and screen yourself, click here.

​Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
SNAP works to assist participants gain skills, training, experience and/or employment to increase ability to gain self-sufficiency. Click here to get started.

​Non-Custodial Parent Employment Program (NCEP)
NCEP helps parents, who are court-ordered to pay child support, to obtain employment and guide them through the first 180 days on the job.

Other specialty programs within the State of Florida:

​Department of Children and Families
Click here to link to your DCF ACCESS account which requires userID and password to review your case or benefits. This agency is unique and separate from CareerSource Pinellas. CareerSource Pinellas does not have access to the systems necessary to assist you with Department of Children and Families claims. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Reemployment and Emergence Assistance Coordination (REACT) Team
Provides rapid response to coordinate services for employers and/or workers affected by temporary or permanent layoff. Information may be accessed by calling (727) 524-4344 and ask for REACT. You may also read about REACT online at the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity's website.

​Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)
Workers may be eligible to apply for TAA services if they were laid off as a result of increased imports or if their companies shifted production out of the United States to certain foreign countries. Click here to learn more.

​Florida's Federal Bonding Program
Employers may receive Fidelity Bonds free-of-charge as an incentive to hire hard-to-place job applicants. The bonds issued by the Federal Bonding Program help employers offset potential risks with the job honesty of at-risk job seekers (ex-offenders, persons in substance abuse recovery, economically disadvantaged individuals lacking work history, etc). For information please contact 727-524-4344 and ask for assistance with the Federal Bonding Program. For more information click here.