Outplacement Services

The Pinellas Workforce Transition and Outplacement team coordinates assistance for Florida’s employers and workers affected by temporary and permanent business layoffs. At on-site sessions, our team will review workforce services available to assist in re-employment and an in-depth review of the Reemployment Assistance Program which includes:

  • Calculations for benefit amount
  • How to apply for Reemployment Assistance
  • When to apply and how to claim benefit weeks
  • Requirements while on Reemployment Assistance
  • What is considered income
  • How 401K, Severance, Pensions, Social Security and Child Support affects Reemployment Assistance
  • Working Part Time while on Reemployment Assistance
  • Training opportunities through Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act (WIOA)
  • Free Resume and Interviewing Skills classes available through the Workforce locations
  • Employ Florida
  • Workforce Job Fair Information

Florida no longer has a local unemployment office therefore this is valuable face-to-face opportunity to have unemployment questions answered.

If a WARN notice has been filed, a member from our team will be contacting your company to offer services. If your company does not meet the requirements for filing a WARN, a member of our team can be contacted directly to set up onsite sessions.

For more information regarding Workforce Transition and Outplacement Services, contact Business Services at (727) 524-4344.